Who's the Glu?

Great people are out there. Because we understand games, VFX and animation, we know how to find them. Reach out for a confidential conversation.

Kirsty Parkin from Supaglu

Kirsty Parkin

Founder and Director

Supaglu founder and director Kirsty Parkin has been finding careers for screen creatives for more years than she likes to count. Beginning her career as a writer somewhere back towards the dawn of time, she began working in creative staffing in the advertising sector before moving into VFX and games training and recruitment. She's seen tens of (maybe even hundreds of?) thousands of portfolios and showreels, and found jobs for thousands of animators, designers, VFX artists, game developers, modellers, matte painters, layout artists, engineers, producers, art directors, compositors - the list goes on.

Kirsty loves seeing great work. She loves working with people to power their careers, and businesses to power their productivity.

Lucy Mutimer from Supaglu

Lucy Mutimer

Talent Agent - Games

Lucy Mutimer is the resident game developer and games industry talent agent at SupaGlu. Her life has a killer soundtrack and too much caffeine.

When she’s not chasing her golden retriever around or making art for video games, Lucy handles SupaGlu’s incredible Video Games Industry and Games adjacent clients helping them find incredible devs to work with on their projects. As a game developer herself with over 7 years of industry experience, Lucy has an intimate knowledge of what Studios and teams require while also being able to chat shop and delve deep into the portfolios of the talented developers she meets.

Kristine Benitez from Supaglu

Kristine Benitez

Talent Resourcer

A talent finder tracking down top-notch talent globally and across Australia, Kristine specialised in hard-to-fill roles across tech before she joined Supaglu. She now loves using her skills in the VFX, games, and animation industry. "Using platforms like LinkedIn, Google X-Ray, Seek, Amazing Hiring, Github and Artstation, I'm like a detective searching for the perfect candidate for the perfect role.

Need someone exceptional for your VFX, animation, or gaming team? We've got you covered! Let's elevate your team together!"